No Barcodes!!

Posted May 29th, 2008 in News!, Strange Alchemy by Ben Powis

I will be at No Barcodes this Saturday, click on this big advertisement to find out all the details and for a full list of all the people who are going to be selling comics! Come say hi between 10am and 6pm…I will have something very special on sale…

David Baillie did a little interview with me about No Barcodes, you can read it on Overspill now!

Whale Hunt restock!

Posted May 23rd, 2008 in Strange Alchemy by Ben Powis

Whale Hunt!

Whale Hunt went out of stock for a short time, now its back and the new print run looks wonderful! If you haven’t picked up a copy of this book yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Strange Alchemy Bookshop, previews are avalaible there!


Posted May 7th, 2008 in News!, Strange Alchemy, Work On Show by Ben Powis

My work is featured in the Expose section of the June issue of ImagineFX, a magazine of contempory fantastical art – check it out!


Coming up this weekend is the Bristol Comics Expo 2008, I will be there on Saturday, if I know you (or even if I don’t!) and your going give me a shout and lets say hello!

At the end of the month I will also be attending No Barcodes, the small press convention from the people behind London Underground Comics. I will be selling comics and maybe doing some drawing too, come say hi! Busy month!!

BookArtsBookShop and LUC

Posted April 14th, 2008 in Strange Alchemy, Work On Show by Ben Powis

London’s Bookartsbookshop is currently featuring an exhibition of work from the London Underground Comics stall of Camden. You can see Turtle Guitar in the front there (thanks guys!) amongst the other fantastic comics.

Stop by and take a look, the exhibition will be on until the 25th of April.

Turtle Guitar comes to life!!

Posted March 26th, 2008 in News!, Pictures, Strange Alchemy by Ben Powis

Talented Sculpter, Model Maker and Friend Emily Arnold has – with her super-magical hands – created this model of the Hero from Turtle Guitar! I think it’s absolutely fantastic! If you’d like to contact Emily and tell her how cool she is, you can email her by clicking here.

Do you want one? :)

Turtle Guitar Model by Emily Arnold

Pocket Monster Series One!

Posted March 19th, 2008 in Strange Alchemy by Ben Powis

Pocket Monster is a new project I have been working on, and now Series One is ready to fly off the shelves!
Me and Scott Purdy have been doodling away to complete over 50 original monster drawings, which come packed as above, with a little Birth Certificate signed by the artist, and a page of Care Guidelines, to ensure your Monster is properly cared for!

Each Monster is absolutely unique, your not going to be getting a photocopy, or a digital printout, all the Pocket Monster packs contain Original artwork on high quality acid free card. The Birth Certificates in each pack have been hand written by the artist, who may have named their monster, or left it for you to name! And guess what, the Monsters have been magically mixed up, so when you buy one you will get a random Monster by one of the series contributors (me or Scott!).

Pocket Monster packs will be making their way around the usual channels, but if you would like to grab one today, before they are all sold out, they are available at my Strange Alchemy Bookshop!

Got your Monster already? Please let us know what you think!

Where Grows the Bitter Herb

Posted March 16th, 2008 in News!, Strange Alchemy by Ben Powis
Since completing my first comic, Turtle Guitar, I have been working on the next tale, set in the same world, and its now time to reveal the title, and a little bit of the story!
Where Grows the Bitter Herb
Will be the title of ‘Comic Number 2′. The story follows our hero who is thrust into a wild adventure where he must traverse the untamed landscape in a quest to save his sick mother.
This is not a sequel to Turtle Guitar, and our hero is a different character entirely (though you wouldn’t know it too look at him!). The world will be familiar but you can expect to explore more of it from different perspectives as our heroes journey takes unexpected twists and turns through varied and perilous environments…

Where Grows the Bitter Herb is due out later this year, more preview content from the comic will be available right here as it progresses!
And don’t forget you can see 3 pages of this forthcoming comic (2 full colours prints and one original pen and ink page) at the Riverside Gallery, Richmond, as part of the Liveline Comics Exhibition 2008 (read below for more info!)

Strange Alchemy Showcase: Excavation Site Alpha

Posted February 22nd, 2008 in News!, Strange Alchemy by Ben Powis


Back when I started putting things into books they were all handmade, I still have a couple of them in my physical portfolio, so I thought it would be fun to show some of them on here, because I hardly ever get to show them to people, and I like the content in some of these old things!

This one is Excavation Site Alpha, its a little fantasy book, if you like, about a secret natural history discovery, and the documentation of the creatures that were found there, this narrative is explained on the first page, then the rest of the book is a concertina of hand printed images that started life as pen and ink drawings.

Excavation Site Alpha Excavation Site Alpha

The book was inspired by my fascination of 18th Century naturalists and the voyages they undertook, I’d love to travel back in time and go on one myself, but I can’t, so I made Excavation Site Alpha instead, as a way of taking me on my own mini adventure.

Only this single copy exists now! This book inspired by book of prints, Strange Creatures I, which is available to buy in the Strange Alchemy Bookshop if your interested in hand printed creatures!

Where to get my books: February 2008

Posted February 17th, 2008 in Strange Alchemy by Ben Powis

Strange Alchemy

I was in London yesterday, and got to take a few copies of Turtle Guitar around. I stopped by the London Underground Comics stall too, and picked up some fantastic stuff! Below is a list of where you can currently pickup my books and comics:

  • Gosh! Comics, Great Russel Street, London – Whale Hunt & Turtle Guitar
  • HERE Shop & Gallery, Stokes Croft, Bristol – Whale Hunt & Strange Creatures I
  • Traveling Man shops in Leeds – The below Traveling Man shops have Turtle Guitar
  • Traveling Man Manchester
  • Traveling Man Newcastle
  • Traveling Man York
  • London Underground Comics stall, Camden Lock Market, every Saturday! – Whale Hunt & Turtle Guitar

And of course if you can’t get to any of these shops, you can buy all the books at my online shop! Thanks once again to all the people/places listed above, it wouldn’t be possible to share my work in this way without your support.

Traveling Man

Posted February 11th, 2008 in Strange Alchemy by Ben Powis

My comic Turtle Guitar is now available in Traveling Man stores in Leeds, York, Newcastle and Manchester, so go hunt it out in its full colour fantastical glory!

I also heard that Traveling Man Newcastle are having a Small Press Rodeo this coming Saturday (how cool is that!), which will feature Turtle Guitar, as well as, I am sure, a ton of other fantastic small press work, so if you can, check it out – I wish I could go!

Thanks very much Traveling Man!