Wild Birds from the Forests of Afar

Posted April 15th, 2013 in Pictures by Ben Powis

Afar Birds

For Illustration Friday: Wild. Thirteen wild birds form the Forests of Afar, as documented by brave explorers. Click for a bigger view!

HOOTing New Year

Posted January 9th, 2011 in Pictures by Ben Powis

Happy new year to you all!
The last few months have been doodle packed and extremely busy! There will be much more to share in the coming year, but in the meantime I give you Hoot! in it’s full glory, if you want to pickup a print copy, along with a bunch of other fantastic stories, grab 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology. The guys over at the illopond are hard at work on a second anthology based on Steampunk, the stories are looking very exciting, go take a look!


Posted October 6th, 2010 in Pictures, Strange Alchemy, Work On Show by Ben Powis

Hoot! is a new 8 page story, you can read it today inside 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology. A collaborative project I have taken part in with a bunch of other illustrators and story tellers. The project has been put together over at illopond.com,  the site is now open for anyone to join in the fun. Come along and start a self publishing project of your own, share your work or just peruse everything else on show. Find out more about 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology by clicking here, buy a copy today by clicking here!

Moonlight Serenade

Posted September 30th, 2010 in Pictures by Ben Powis

An album cover I completed a few months back, more details on the project to come when it gets released… :)

What’s inside the mansion?

Posted September 7th, 2010 in Pictures by Ben Powis

Been very busy lately so the blog has been quiet, here is something new for me, a bit of dame development art. I won’t say more than that, but if I ever get the chance to put in more work on this personal project it may see the light of day! :)

Slugs, snails and puppy dog tails…

Posted July 22nd, 2010 in Pictures by Ben Powis

Hello everyone!
Here are some recent pictures created for a storybook proposal. These were completed on a short deadline, it was great fun to jump right into idea generation, create the character, then draw him interacting with different objects. Click each image for a bigger view!

Paper Moose

Posted July 12th, 2010 in Pictures by Ben Powis

The paper moose patrols the borders of sketchbookland, beware his smokey snort, guard against the rattle of his crusty paper-antlers.

More from ‘The Waste Land’

Posted July 6th, 2010 in Pictures by Ben Powis

I have lately been keeping myself very busy, although I have nothing new that I am able to show for a while, so I am going to put up another page from my graphical interpretation of the Burial Of The Dead by T.S. Elliot, I give you fear, in a handful of dust.

My graphic interpretation of ‘The Burial Of The Dead‘, the first quarter of ‘The Waste Land‘ by T.S. Elliot which is featured in issue 22.1 of the Gulf Coast Literary Journal. You can check out the whole thing by picking up a copy of the magazine.

Also, to mix things up a bit and show a little bit of my process here on the blog, here is one of my rough pages from when I was working on The Waste Land project. This page looks very similar to the final, which isn’t always the case, we were happy with the atmosphere captured in this sketch and wanted to maintain that in the final artwork. My roughs are messy.

The Butcher, Baker & Candlestick Maker

Posted May 5th, 2010 in Pictures by Ben Powis

professioncardsDenny Nuts the local butcher, Hilly Bunn the friendly baker and Arthur Wicks the candlestick maker. Click for a bigger view!

Adventurer’s Tent + more!

Posted April 26th, 2010 in Pictures by Ben Powis


I don’t often work in greyscale, so I worked up these little drawings just to remind myself how much fun I can have with it. They are: Adventurer’s Tent, Forest Dungeon Entrance and Woodland Campfire. These three pieces are available on illodeli.com under a single use license, if you are into that kinda thing!